The comprehensive concept of  Learning Games tackles two main shortcomings:

Low performance  in arithmetic’s up to mathematical illiteracy.

Children with poor understanding of numbers are very often not only of average intelligence but even well above.

Their performance in math is below expectations and the usual forms of support or tutoring show little if any effects.

MickMath prevents these shortcomings and supports and fosters the pupil’s knowledge. MickMath Concept can adapt itself to the special needs of children, such as school readiness, support in Math and therapy for Dyscalculia.

Too many children in the world are deprived of education.

All children are worthy and deserve education. They must get the chance to become autonomous adults in charge of their own lives and capable of contributing to the society they live in.

As games, shapes and colours have no language barriers they can therefore be introduced to any society anywhere in the world.

  • MickMath Concept offers tuition for teachers of all levels and background.
  • MickMath is also involved as social entrepreneur, e.g. India, Israel, Burkina Faso, South Africa and Switzerland.

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